SSL Certificate and Its Relation with Website Development and SEO

Almost any webmaster that is only beginning to start out online is bound to ask why SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) certificates should be availed upon starting a website. After all, while many experts espouse its importance, it still remains optional for websites in general. However, based on its impact on Website development  as a whole, almost any serious website that intends to establish a flawless reputation when it comes to security and privacy protection should never be found without it. Below are the most compelling reasons why you should not hesitate to get an SSL certificate for your website.

Proper Encryption of Information

One of the best advantages that SSL certificates bring to the table hinges on its primary functionality. Their main purpose, after all, is to ensure that any information that is submitted to your website would only be privy to and understood by the right individuals and parties. This information normally goes through numerous computers before reaching its intended destination. 

As long as a website contains an SSL certificate, it would be able to render that information incomprehensible to any third-party that might be snooping for it. It basically ensures the protection of your customers, and this, in and of itself, should be highest priority of a business that intends render and sell nothing less than the best products and services. 

Visitors who browse through your website’s contents would always rest assured that any interaction or transaction they make within it is safe, as long as they, for instance, see an SSL certificate’s well-known proofs like the inclusion of an “https” protocol in a website’s pages. Most browsers also display a lock symbol next to the website’s URL to indicate that it is trustworthy.

Establishes Your Brand and Secures It for the Future

If you value your website in terms of long-term web development, then it should never be found without an SSL certificate. You won’t have a hard time getting your brand promoted as well, if you have a ready assurance of safety for your customers. It, in short, builds trust, which is essential in for a business to survive and flourish. 

Furthermore, the Internet is filled with threats to user protection that are evolving just as fast as the countermeasures against them are being rolled out. This could not be truer in the e-commerce filled, which is why you should treat SSL certificates as a means to secure your online business’s future.

Makes Online Transactions More Secure and Smoother

In fact, it’s actually necessary if a webmaster is to meet the standards of the Payment Card Industry. If your website intends to support credit card payment, then this is certainly a requirement. This is why one of the good gauges of an e-commerce site’s trustworthiness is if it supports payment through the world’s well-known major credit cards. Otherwise, customers would just fall prey to malicious attacks like phishing. 

This effectively shields users from any website that mimics how an authority website looks, as it is practically impossible for such fake sites to attain an SSL certificate. Of course, you have to make sure that the SSL certificate is actually implemented properly in the first place. Studies show that plenty of websites still fail to integrate SSL certificates in the manner that it should be implemented. 

Significantly Impacts a Site’s SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the fundamental factors a webmaster should focus on as it ensures the optimal flow of the right traffic into his website. As of this writing, SSL certificates or the presence of HTTPS protocol on a website has become a ranking signal that Google uses to determine a site’s place in the SERPs. It may arguably not be a major one (yet), but the fact that you have proof that your site is safe and trustworthy should provide sufficient reason for you to get an SSL certificate for your website. This claim is also backed by research, leaving no room to question its connection to SEO. 


As a professional company providing Web Development services and Search Engine Optimization services we highly recommend SSL certificates for your website. In the end, though, the only “disadvantage” that these kinds of certificates have on the webmaster is their cost. They can be pretty expensive as they come from reputable and well-known sources. Nonetheless, it does represent your dedication to providing only the best experience for your customers. That alone should be enough to convince an online business owner who is serious in his craft to not overlook these certificates.